We all have a purpose in life.  If you can appreciate yourself and those around you, you more likely to fulfill on that dream.

Joey Chandler
Founder, The Appreciation Nation

Appreciation Served Three Ways

The You Are App

Use this free app to learn that people appreciate you for reasons you can't imagine.  Use it as a powerful tool to increase your confidence in yourself and the people around you.

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You Are Training

Online training that empowers you to recognize the greatness in your self and the those around you so that you can increase your clarity, consistency and confidence.

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You Are Videos

Show someone you love how much they are appreciated by their friends and family.  Ideal if you are looking for a sentimental birthday, wedding or anniversary gift.

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Why Appreciation?

Appreciation is seeing in greatness in yourself and in other people.  You raise the level of appreciation in your life and you gain a whole host of leadership qualities including clarity, confidence and consistency.

How this came to be

After seeing several thousand clips of appreciation in the You Are Videos, I realized that that all that appreciation wore off on me and I had more determination and confidence.  I figured if appreciation could help me, it could help others so I created the You Are Training and the You Are App. All three were combined into the Appreciation Nation, LLC. with the goal of helping others move forward powerfully.

"Joey Chandler's program will help you clarify your message to the world and remind you about the habits you need to be successful in your life and career. I highly recommend this program if you struggle with your clarity and consistency. "

Gina Logan Daniels
Confidence Coach, goodbyeshyguy.com

"Before you can make a change in your life personally or professionally, before you can create a new reality, and before you can become passionate about new beginnings you must have a framework, plan, objective in place. Joey provides the simple, straightforward framework that allows you to become passionate, find your rhythm, and make changes that can open up new opportunities for you."

Dean Guadagni
Principal & Social Media Strategist, Inner Architect

"This is a great course that gets you into action right away. In less than an hour you've changed the way you think about your "suck" voice forever. Even for someone like myself that has years of training in mindset work, the material feels fresh and new. You come away with a simple process for getting unstuck and moving forward. I recommend it for anyone that wants to change their way of thinking."

Camilla Kragius
Accountability Coach, No More Hamster Wheel


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