Figure out your purpose in one call.

If you know figuring out your purpose/why is a good thing but don't think you can, let me explain how it's easily doable in 90 minutes.


My definition of purpose...

Your purpose is that thing that just is who you are. You could say your essence, your soul, the thing that drives you or simply the special way you see the world.

Generally we spend our days with the purpose in the background of our lives where it influences our actions and conversations but we don't really know it's there. The people that know us can sense it - sort of - but it's too vague to put to exact words.

Our main job as humans is to bring our purpose to the foreground of our lives. Once that happens, we have a second job which is to deepen our understanding of our purpose and to play full out to make sure it is alive for ourselves and others. That second job lasts for the rest of our lives and makes life so much fun and interesting.


Marin Purpose Party

Monthly gathering of purpose base professionals. Part training, part networking and all fun because getting to know people on a purpose to purpose basis is just more interesting.

2/19 in San Rafael from 6-8.

Rock the world as a financial professional

Learn your purpose and how to incorporate it into your business so that you can separate yourself from everyone else in your profession. 

3/26 3-6 in San Rafael.


Your purpose is more amazing and powerful than you imagine. I would love to help you see that today.


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