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"Our mom was turning 80 and, well, what does anyone really need at that age other than to know that they are loved and cared about by family and friends alike. The result was a unique and wonderful birthday gift that could be presented with love, straight from the heart from nearly everyone she knew. She was overwhelmed! To this day, she can go back and relive her experience and does so often. Thanks, to Joey for helping us make her birthday so memorable."

Catherine Hackworth
Owner, Tulip Salon

"The "You Are" video was the most amazing gift anyone has every given me. My great grand children will be able to know who I was and the life I lived."

West Shell
CEO & Founder at Conversa Health

"I got to watch grandma's face as she watched her You Are video tonight and she was delighted and surprised and in awe. I'm sure she will watch it again and again. Thank you for helping make my whole family's Holiday so special, Joey!"

Gretchen Parker
Principal Planner at Nichols Consulting Engineers

"Oh oh oh so much goodness and happiness, Joey - that is so so so incredible! I can’t believe how powerful that is when you see all those snippets from all those people come together. You have an amazing vision to bring this together for people - THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!"

Heather Walker
Founder, President at Functional Spaces Organizing

"I had to watch my birthday video like 4 more times so I could see everyone. I kept squealing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Prema Behan
COO at Three Sticks Winery


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