Introducing the You Are App

Learn what other people appreciate about you and how they would love to help you. Keep those thoughts in a web-based "shoe box" that you can ruffle through as a reminder for your greatness.

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The You Are App is free to gather responses from your friends, family and community.

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Send out your custom link to your people with a simple "will you fill this out for me?"

#3 See responses

Click the "I can do this" button to see what people appreciate about you and how they would love to help out.


Because sometime it's nice to know that you are appreciated and that people have your back!

Will people respond?

Yes! Not everyone of course but our beta testers average 20 responses and all were amazed by the depth of the responses.

Is is complicated?

No - To create an account you just need name and password.  The response form is just three questions.

  • You are... and a list of about 20 words.
  • I believe this because...
  • Call me if you ever need help with...

Will take your friend less than 5 minutes.


"I reached out to people not really expecting anything in return, but to just chime in with them as a way to say Hello... I was really touched and moved by what others shared with me and that made me want to reciprocate their generosity."

David Fong


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